Health and Safety Protocol

  1. Face coverings (such as masks or face shields) are mandatory for all persons within the GECMUN venue and GECMUN provided transportation. All persons must purchase and bring their own face coverings.

    1. A KF-94 or N95 level mask is recommended for use.

  2. Sanitize or wash hands (and personal items) before entering the venue and conference rooms.

  3. Avoid close contact within 2 meters and maintain social distance.

  4. Adhere to all personnel in regards to disease prevention, including the Secretariat, staff, and venue staff.

  5. Comply with temperature checks and QR check-ins or its equivalents.

  6. Any display of symptoms (COVID-like illness) listed below must be reported to the Secretariat.

    1. Cough

    2. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

    3. Fever

    4. Chills

    5. Sore throat

    6. New loss of taste or smell

  7. If there are any signs of high fever or symptoms of respiratory illness, that person will be asked to leave the conference immediately.

  8. Breach of the COVID-19 protocol will be handled with following measures.

    1. 1st breach: Verbal warning given to the participant

    2. 2nd breach: Written warning given to the participant and their school adviser

    3. 3rd breach: Immediate removal from the conference

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